Who we are

Enox Pharma is a Swedish company specializing in the distribution of Life Science products between Europe and MENA region.

Enox Pharma has Unique experiences and very competent specialists who covering a wide range of Life science fields.
Enox Pharma has successfully managed many projects with high complexity to open and established new markets for Nordic companies in MENA region, these projects required locally expertise for registration and marketing and business development of Life Science products Enoxpharma combines full spectrum of Knowledge and experiences in the life science sector and understanding for both MENA and Europe internally conditions.
Our unique characteristics gave us the knowledge of what it takes to enter and grow a brand in these business landscapes and much tough environments.


The Team

Our Expertise, specialists, scientific advisors are from different countries, different Life Science Industry with many years of experience and a passion for delivering turnkey solutions in consulting, marketing and distribution of Life Science products and health care solutions. 
A dedicated staff of doctors, engineers, technicians along with other professionals form the basis of the company. Administrative policies overseen by professional managerial staff make the functioning of the company and its staff highly successful.
The volatility of the MENA market means it is one which contains many challenges but also lots of potential.
Enox Pharma has been able to master this turbulent market by maintaining a balance between stability and growth.


Co-founder and CEO
M.Sc. Biomedical, project management, Marketing

Is a Passionate Senior Manager with broad experience in all aspects of sales, marketing, business development, leadership, management & project management with over 20 years’ experience from Life Science Business in Sweden, Europe, the Middle East, where she signed major government and private sector contracts.


Area Manager , Middle East

Dr. El Refaey is a Professor and head of of Clinical Pharmacy holding a PhD in molecular pharmacology from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, US. He is a board member of the Pharmacology
committee, and a member of the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical
Affairs at the Ministry of Health in Cairo, Egypt.​


International operations director

Tom Crowley, has extensive project management, business development and business operations.
Tom has over 20 years’ experience in Project Management, New Business Start-Up, Development in Life Science, energy, security and construction. He developed major projects including contracting with governments, financing of projects in Africa, Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, North
America, South East Asia, India and EU.

Nasrdin Mohamed Faraj

Enox Pharma new CEO in Iraq
Nasrdin has long experiences in LAB instrument, Blood Banking, and plasma apheresis.
He worked with global leader in blood management, blood safety, therapeutic apheresis, cell therapy and cell collections. He Has more than 35 years’ experience from different brand companies so some Fresenius, Terumo BCT and Baxter.

Dr Tareq Alsaody

Head of Urology Division
Dr Alsaody is a senior consultant in urology working in Stockholm, Sweden. A graduate of
the College of Medicine at Baghdad University, he is Fellow of the Iraqi Commission for
Medical Specializations and Fellow of the European Board of Urology. He holds the title of
Specialist in Urology from the Swedish Board for Health and Welfare. Dr Alsaody’s fields of
professional interest are Urinary bladder function disorders, urodynamic studies, and male sexual health and well being.


Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Division

PhD Gynecology , Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology in AL Habboby teaching hospital and head of Obstetrics and Gynecology department.


PhD Medicine, Anestheolgist

Consultant anestheolgist and intensavist. 
Collage of graduate PhD.
 CEO Iraq branch of alkafaat company Consultant anestheolgist at ministry of health


​Marketing manager

More than 18 years of technical and artistic experience in all aspects of video production, IT, graphic design, multimedia,digital marketing and broadcasting,