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ENOX PHARMA specialises in life science solutions to improve healthcare with over 50 years of experience, business and cultural knowledge

"Our passion and energy lie in bringing the best quality, latest innovations, and most competitive healthcare solutions and treatments to patients in need."

Transform Your Medical Decision-Making

In today’s fast-paced healthcare landscape, making informed medical decisions is crucial. However, many diagnostic assays can be cumbersome, costly, and time-intensive.

Introducing our revolutionary non-extraction molecular assays that streamline laboratory workflows, delivering rapid and actionable results.

• Unparalleled ease of use Streamline your processes effortlessly

• Cost-effective solutions Save resources by eliminating the need for extraction

• Empowered medical choices Our patented multiplex amplification technology guarantees exceptional specificity and sensitivity


We Provide the best services

Brand Acceleration

We are offering turnkey solutions, support and a full spectrum of services that are required to enter the MENA region by the highly qualified expertise and insight knowledge of region-specific marketing conditions.

Technology Performance

Our combination of broad experience in the life science sector and our experts and insight into the Europe, MENA, and Asian markets.

Demand Generation

With many years of experience from early projects we will support your business to gain the best market share and promising presence.

Our partners

Swedish Academia

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm 

Salgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg

Uppsala Akademiska Hospital, Uppsala